Fusshi is one of the main character of the blog askthepetasaurs. She is a female Bulbasaur owned by a woman who looks like the heroine of Pokemon BW, White.


Fusshi is a strange looking Bulbasaur considering the fact that she has fur. Fusshi has sort of sky blue eyes, her fur being a sort of aloe green, her markings being a darker shade and her bulb is a light green with a pink tip. All her legs and her bulb are covered with bandages. She also always wears a spiked collar around her neck. Her ears' tips appear to have been messily cut off.

Her markings on her head look like either a teardrop and two failling petals or just three falling pedals


Fusshi has shown herself to be extremely timid and shy and seems to always speak with a slight stutter. Despite this Fusshi is very kind to Pokemon but tends to be scared of most humans.


Topiary- Topiary is Fusshi's twin sister and possibly her best friend. Even though it is unknown who crawled out of the egg first Fusshi treats Topiary like she is the older one

Shizen- Fusshi sees Shizen as a friend rather than a guardian and mentor like she is. It is still unknown how they met yet though

Mizu- Fusshi likes to play along with Mizu's idea that he is her older brother despite the fact she is actually older than him. 

Nutmeg- Fusshi is a bit confused by Nutmeg and her constant weird behavior around her, though the two are still good friends

Pauleen- ?????

Bianca- Fusshi, along with her sister, stood around Bianca for a bit before Bianca went off on her own. Despite Bianca's cold behavior Fusshi say them as friends and her as a human she could trust

Shelby- Even though they lived together for many months Fusshi and Shelby don't know much about each other but Fusshi believes they are on good terms

Shauny and Jade- Much like Shelby, Fusshi doesn't really know much about these kids, but it is obvious they are on good terms perphaps they occasionally, despite her fear of open fire(Fire type are actually fine with her), they all played together

Unamed Arcanine- She helped Fusshi and Topiary escape from "White". Former teammate of the twins. 

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