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Topiary is one of the main character of the blog askthepetasaurs. She is a female Bulbasaur owned by a woman who looks like the heroine of Pokemon BW, White.


Topiary like her twin is a strange looking Bulbasaur that has fur. Topiary has light purple eyes, her furis aloe green, her markings are darker shade of it and her bulb is a light green with a darker pink tip. All her legs and her bulb are covered with bandages. She also,like her twin, always wears a spiked collar around her neck


Topiary is obviously much more open than her sister and she shows signs of being very enegectic. Despite her semming careless and wild nature she sees herself as being responsible for Fusshi and will treat her as such by telling her that she(Topiary) is always right and not letting her run off past their safe point without supervision


Fusshi- Fusshi is Topiary's twin sister. Topiary's view on her bounces around a lot from best friend to sister to feeling like she is Fusshi's guardian. It is unknown who crawled out of the egg first, but Topiary treats Fusshi like she is younger

Shizen- Topiary knows Shizen's intent as a guardian but more often than not treats most of her commands and warnings as suggestions instead.

Mizu- Despite living together the two clearly don't really like each other much, though they put up with each other to make things calmer for Fusshi.

Nutmeg- ????

Pauleen- ?????

Bianca- Topiary, along with her sister, stood around Bianca for a bit before Bianca went off on her own. It is unknown how Topiary exactly feels about Bianca but is it clearly shown that she cares for the human

Shelby- Topiary feels they are on good terms and nothing more

Shauny and Jade- ???

Unamed Arcanine- She helped Fusshi and Topiary escape from "White". Former teammate of the twins. 

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